1973 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos

2 May

1973 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos:

19 Tim Foli
41 Tom Walker
77 Mike Torrez
106 Terry Humphrey
125 Ron Fairly
149 Ron Hunt
173 Hal Breeden
211 Balor Moore
232 Ken Singleton
254 Bill Stoneman
281 Mike Jorgensen
307 Boots Day
331 Carl Morton
355 Mike Marshall
377 Gene Mauch
401 Clyde Mashore
429 Jim Fairey
457 John Strohmayer
484 Ernie McAnally
505 Bob Bailey
531 Ron Woods
576 Team Card
592 John Boccabella
606 Gary Matthews, Tom Paciorek, Jorge Roque (1973 Rookie Outfielders)
607 Pepe Frias, Ray Busse, Mario Guerrero (1973 Rookie Shortstops)
623 Steve Renko
642 Jose Laboy
Team Checklist

2 Responses to “1973 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos”

  1. THOMAS G mARCHSOTTO August 6, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    your EXPO cards are displayed historicly with tons of fun and much information. I SEEM TO LIKE TEAM ORDER with baseball card sets just as you ;ve done with your 1973 TOPPS Baseball Expo team. THANKS ……… OTHER teams I need help with are the 1973 topps NEW YORK Mets,RED SOX,and Tigers,

  2. Philippe Cousineau September 8, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    I think there was also a team checklist card similar to the 1974 one in this set. I have ones for a couple of teams, although not the Expos.

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