1984 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos

15 Nov

1984 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos

32 Bobby Ramos
57 Dan Schatzeder
80 Steve Rogers
111 Bill Virdon
134 Tim Raines (1983 Stolen Base Leaders with Rickey Henderson)
164 Scott Sanderson
180 Manny Trillo
184 Bryan Little
200 Andre Dawson
232 Tim Wallach
253 Jim Wohlford
287 Warren Cromartie
318 Bill Gullickson
370 Tim Raines
390 Tim Raines (All-Star)
392 Andre Dawson (All-Star)
393 Gary Carter (All-Star)
394 Steve Rogers (All-Star)
421 Charlie Lea
450 Gary Carter
474 Greg Bargar
496 Terry Francona
516 Al Oliver and Charlie Lea (Team Checklist)
552 Ray Burris
579 Bob James
595 Jeff Reardon
620 Al Oliver
656 Bryn Smith
678 Chris Speier
704 Al Oliver (NL Active Career RBI Leaders with Tony Perez ad Rusty Staub)
708 Steve Rogers (NL Active Career ERA Leaders with Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton)
732 Terry Crowley
749 Doug Flynn
766 Mike Vail

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