1999 Topps Montreal Expos

13 Apr

1999 Topps Baseball Montreal Expos

61 Rondell White
62 Vladimir Guerrero
77 F.P. Santangelo
134 Brad Fullmer
207 Peter Bergeron (Prospects – with Jeremy Giambi and George Lombard)
208 Michael Barrett (Prospects – with Ben Davis and Robert Fick)
215 Josh McKinley (Draft Picks – with Jason Tyner)
246 Wilton Guerrero
255 Dustin Hermansen
264 Carl Pavano
303 Ryan McGuire
366 Ugueth Urbina
387 Chris Widger
427 Oralndo Cabrera (Prospects – with Marlon Anderson and Ron Belliard)
432 Fernando Seguignol (Prospects – with Gabe Kapler and Armando Rios)
434 Jose Fernandez (Prospects – with Jeff Liefer and Chris Truby)
437 John Nicholson (Prospects – with A.J. Burnett and Billy Koch)
458 Vladimir Guerrero (All-Topps Outfielders – with Greg Vaughn and Bernie Williams)

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