1989 Upper Deck Montreal Expos

3 Aug

1989 Upper Deck Baseball Montreal Expos:

25 Randy Johnson (Star Rookie)
57 John Dopson
60 Joe Hesketh
78 Bryn Smith
96 Tracy Jones
99 Neal Heaton
102 Tim Wallach
115 Andres Galarraga
122 Hubie Brooks
124 Wallace Johnson
133 Mike Fitzgerald
356 Brian Holman
359 Andy McGaffigan
377 Dennis Martinez
380 Nelson Santovenia
398 Jeff Parrett
402 Tim Raines
405 Rex Hudler
423 Luis Rivera
441 Tom Foley
444 Dave Martinez
456 Tim Burke
459 Floyd Youmans
477 Johny Paredes
480 Otis Nixon
498 Pascual Perez
677 Andres Galarraga (Team Checklist)
717 Spike Owen
719 Kevin Gross
738 Mike Aldrete

One Response to “1989 Upper Deck Montreal Expos”

  1. steve November 13, 2013 at 6:32 am #

    I’m glad to stumble upon your project here. Actually, the stumble originated from a google search to find out how many players appeared in an Expo uniform between 1969-2004 and how many of those players were issued a baseball card in whatever set. I did the same for the Milwaukee Brewers and was surprised to find only 777 players. I think that includes pitchers. According to baseball reference, there were/are 832 players for the Expos/Nationals. I’m not too interested in the Nationals. but I would love to have all Brewers and Expos cards in my collection. I would probably cover my walls with them. Do you have doubles of Expo cards? And would you be interested in trading cards?

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