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2004 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

5 Jul

2004 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos:
T6 Alex Gonzalez
T77 Bill Bray
T88 Erick San Pedro
T135 Chad Bentz
T145 Shawn Hill
T159 Chad Chop
T174 Kory Castro
T214 Greg Thissen

2003 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

1 Jul

2003 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos

T37 Orlando Hernandez
T228 Brandon Watson
T272 Michael Hinckley

2002 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

5 May

2002 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos:

T14 Bartolo Colon
T39 Andres Galarraga
T65 Dicky Gonzalez
T66 Jose Macias
T109 Frank Robinson (Manager)
T125 Richard Lane (Prospects)
T150 Eric Miller (Prospects)
T192 Ron Calloway (Prospects)

2001 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

2 May

2001 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos:
T31 Fernando Tatis
T83 Ryan Minor
T101 Tim Raines (Reprint)
T118 Andres Galarraga (Reprint)
T169 Josh Girdley
T201 Brad Wilkerson
T232 Thomas Mitchell
T237 Valentino Pascucci

2000 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

16 Apr

2000 Topps Traded Montreal Expos:

T2 Andy Tracy
T3 Brandon Phillips
T70 Tomas de la Rosa
T100 Lee Stevens

1999 Topps Traded Montreal Expos

14 Apr

1999 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos:

T26 Matt Blank
T27 Josh McKinley
T67 Josh Girdley

1995 Topps Traded Baseball

9 Apr

1995 Topps Traded Baseball Montreal Expos:

25T Michael Barrett (1995 Draft Pick)
49T J.D. Smart (1995 Draft Pick)
60T Tony Tarasco
62T Tim Scott
73T Mark Grudzielanek
129T Kenny James (1995 Draft Pick)
150T Carlos Perez (1995 Rookie of the Year Candidate)

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